The Hello Kitty Bike Review

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Hello Kitty Bike

Hello Kitty Bicycle


This is a product review for the Hello Kitty Cycle.  For more information about the Hello Kitty Bicycle click the link below:

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The Dino 16 Inch Hello Kitty Bike is the bike for the growing girl.  It comes with removal training wheels that would help her transition to a big girl bike with ease.  This bike will make learning to ride fun with Hello Kitty themed graphics and brightly colored paint.  Their is also are removal Hello Kitty handle bar bag included.  The Dino Hello Kitty Bicycle is recommended for children age four years and up.

Hello Kitty Bike Review – Specifications For The 16 Inch Version

The Dino 16 inch Hello Kitty Bike is made out of a durable steel frame.  The frame height is 10 inches with a front and rear wheel height of 16 inches.  The seat is made of vinyl and has pink, Hello Kitty themed graphics.   The seat post also has a quick release style adjustment for easy adjustments of the seat height.   The front brake system is a caliper and the rear brake system is coaster.  The bicycle has pneumatic tires measure 2.125 inches.  The tires are white in color and have knobby tread and are set on pink steel rims.  Overall the cycle weighs just over 25 pounds.  The steel chain is set on a single gear and the chain guard also sports the Hello Kitty graphics.  The frame and fork comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hello Kitty Bike Review – What I Liked

This Dino 16 Inch Hello Kitty Bike is great value when you consider your getting a premium brand.  The bike comes with a removable handlebar bag and has the themed graphics that match the bike.  The lifetime warranty on the frame and fork also give the bike added value.

Hello Kitty Bike Review – What I Didn’t Like

The Dino 16 Inch Hello Kitty Cyclesometimes needs to have the chain adjusted and may need additional oil.  Assembly can be a bit tricky but overall it is manageable.  No safety equipment is included with the Hello Kitty Children’s Bike but a matching bike helmet with the Hello Kitty graphics is sold separately.

Hello Kitty Cycle- Overall Thoughts

The Dino 16 Inch Hello Kitty Bike has a lot to offer any young rider.  The included handle bar bag is removable to store essentials.  The lifetime warranty on the frame and fork is added peace of mind for parents.

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